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Richard Krum & Associates

Richard Krum & Associates

Network Design & Implementation

Computer System Design

System Administration

Business Application Analysis & Design

System Maintenance & Improvement

Run your Business Your Way..

We design custom solutions for an organization and it’s business methods.  An existing “cookie cutter” application & hardware works for an average business, but we don’t do average & normal.  Nor should you.

Success in today’s marketplace requires being Lean & Dependable with “Outside the Box Thinking”.

In partnership with our clients we build on that concept, always striving for “Inside the Budget Results”.

Real Experience Counts and is Invaluable.

Keeping your business viable, secure and accurate is key to maintaining your bottom line, customer satisfaction and growth.

We have provided Core Innovations, Solutions and Services  to a wide range of organizations for over 30 years..

To specifications your life could depend on.

Understanding Your needs Matters Most.

We take the time to Listen carefully to your needs and truly understand them.  Then learn your existing business model and find the right match in all aspects.

Forcing you to “conform”  to how others think you should run your business is not our style.
It is your business.. be comfortable with it as it grows with our help.

Clearly explaining what we recommend to you.. and why, is critical.  We want You totally involved and engaged in the process.  And to trust in the solution.

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