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Travel Map

Travel Map

A map of Our Travels, Recommendations, and more.


  •  is Your Location (Only shown to you). You can manually zoom and move the map.  Markers may overlap unless zoomed in tight enough.
  • is Our Location (Approximate, want to meet us – use the contact form).
  • IF you allow the website to know your location (approximate), it will move the map to where you are.
  • Click anywhere in the map, and then use Ctrl+Scroll Wheel to zoom in and out.   Or if the + / – is showing you can click that..
  • Click and hold to move the map.
  • If you click on a marker it will jump and zoom in, and depending on the situation, if you click it again it will zoom in more.
  • Use the Filter below the Map if you don’t want to see all types of markers.  
  • If you click on an item in the list below it will jump to it.
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