Aparcado Fóra

Aparcado Fóra

To enjoy interesting places and meet folks along the way.

What to Expect

Certainly not your normal RV’r .. so expect the unexpected, abnormal, weird, wonderous and a lot of Mischief along the way. So stay tuned.

The main focus currently is de-constructing the interior of the Bus 1st and working on design ideas as I am doing that. There are a lot of very specific goals and requirements for the unit that are not typical (understatement).

I am also assembling a lot of the parts that need to be in it, and therefore designed around. So the process is going to be at my pace, relaxed and fun for me.

We do have a YouTube channel but have not been focused on posting up videos yet.
But subscribe if you like.. We will NOT be doing the normal build series showing what everyone else has done. It will be about what is Unique and Different from other builds, and trust me, there will be a lot of that.

The Name

It seems folks like naming their RV’s, so it is “Aparcado Fóra” which is Galician for “Parked Outside”. So, Yes, we have a sense of humor.

Aparcado Fóra